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Thanks for time endowing us with the great chance!

With China accession to WTO and the great tide of economic globalization, Chinese enterprises are historically pushed to the cusp of global trends for the first time. Challenges and opportunities come hand in hand. Faced with the impact of the new world economic tide, every enterprise in China has to shoulder the bounden responsibility to uplift the national economy. As the representative of China's most outstanding enterprises, we are dedicated to setting a good example. Confronting a new round of international market competition, we understand deeply that only when we broaden our horizon, consider our situation, keep pace with the times and innovate can we take the lead. Achieving national prosper is not only our people's expectation, but also our devoted dream and pursuit.

Mobile Crusher

Recalling the past, we were committed to groping forward. It is the unceasing innovation and global popularity that help accumulate the abundant development capital. The continuous optimization of the industry structure and product structure endows us with the strong market competitiveness. The constant perfection of company structure improves the overall operation scientifically and efficiently. And the distinctive entrepreneurial spirit and unique corporate culture thrill all of our employees. What's more, a high degree of unity let us go faster than most of our competitors and the willingness to progress rapidly narrow the gap between us and the world-class companies. Our hard work and unremitting efforts are paying.

Today, with the rapid development of the world, we are devoted to holding the spirit of "go forward and challenge the limits", adhering to the core value of "stand like a giant in the orient and blossom comprehensively in the world ". We regard the market and clients as our guide and bringing shareholders and society sustained high returns as the fundamental. We are determined to increase investment in science and technology development of new products, constantly develop products with independent intellectual property rights, expand the market share of our company's leading products, broaden exchanges with foreign countries, and absorb the international advanced management experience and sci-tech achievements. We are committed to building our company as the bellwether among the peers and the classy corporation with the international competitiveness and striving for the great rejuvenation of China.

With our unremitting efforts and the strong support from all walks of life, we are committed to professional grinding, mechanical equipment, wear-resistant materials' research and production. May our company have a brilliant future!

Stay tuned with great hope……

Treasure our clients, bring them wealth and happiness.



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