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Semi-mobile Crushing Screening Equipment for Soft Rock Put into Production


The SEMI-MOBILE CRUSHING SCREENING EQUIPMENT developed and manufactured by DSMAC has been successfully put into production at a project site about the soft rock processing in a Pacific island country. The project mainly processes the local special soft rock limestone to produce high-quality aggregates with various specifications and excellent particle shape, which will be used in the construction of local public utilities and infrastructure projects.

The design capacity of this set of semi-mobile crushing screening equipment is 220-280 tons per hour, and the maximum feed size is required to be less than 400mm. The project adopts crushing + screening flowchart, using a semi-mobile impact crushing plant matched with a multi-layer vibrating screening plant to meet the production needs. The raw material limestone is put into the impact crusher from the inlet, and the finished aggregate after crushing is conveyed to the screening station for further separation. Eventually, the finished aggregate can be divided into five sizes such as 0-5mm, 5-9.5mm, 9.5-19.05mm, 19.05-25.4mm and 19.05-38mm.

Compared with the traditional stationary line, the semi-mobile crushing screening equipment features the high integration, and can be directly transported where the raw material is for assembly, eliminating the trouble of long-distance transportation of raw materials, also saving transportation costs and reducing the impact on the environment in the transportation project. Secondly, the mobile equipment does not require preliminary civil construction, which can greatly save labor and building material costs. In addition, the mobile design requires simple installation, only a short time to assemble and complete, and easy maintenance later. In short, its advantages are not available in fixed production line.

Semi-mobile Crushing Screening Equipment
Semi-mobile Crushing Screening Equipment
Semi-mobile Crushing Screening Equipment