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How Is Zhengzhou Dingsheng Complete Set of Mobile Crushing Plant?

Oct. 09, 2018

How Is Zhengzhou Dingsheng Complete Set of Mobile Crushing Plant?

With the acceleration of urban modernization, it is inevitable that there would be a large amount of construction waste produced, in which much metal, aggregate, and powder will mix together. If ignoring them, it will cause a lot of waste of resources. How to turn construction waste into treasure? An effective and environmentally friendly method is using COMPLETE SET OF MOBILE CRUSHING PLANT to crush and screen construction waste to produce recycled aggregate, or make it into hollow brick and environmental brick to realize the utilization of construction waste. However, due to the uneven distribution of construction waste, the fixed production line could not be made full use during the initial crushing process, so the complete set of mobile crushing plant was born.

So, what are the special advantages of Zhengzhou's complete set of mobile crushing equipment?

1, folding machine body occupies a small space, easy to go further into the demolition front line;

2, the single machine can be used as self-contained production line, omitting the production line construction; single machine sets the feeding, crushing, screening, transportation and other functions in one, easy driven at any time;

3, PLC controlling system, computer centralized controlling, start and stop in one-button, intelligent control of parameter adjustment, error-operation prompts and other functions realizes easier operation;

4, special motor has strong power, supporting working with no electricity or weak electricity; environmental adaptability is very strong, still able to work stably even in the harsh production environment;

5, ship-shaped steel frame structure can reduce the air resistance during driving, flexibly shuttle among all of construction waste sites. What’s more, its turning radius is short, easy to enter and exit the sites.

As a supplier of construction waste disposal equipment, Zhengzhou Dingsheng has more than 20 years of production experience. Our company has a number of subsidiaries, production lines all over the world. We accept the bulk production orders to give you the most preferential quotation. Our equipment has wide scope model, excellent quality, reasonable price and all support lifetime after-sales service, free installation and debugging. Get in touch with Zhengzhou Dingsheng at any time if any problem occurs, and we will send professional staff to help you!



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