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Reinforced Concrete Mobile Crusher---New Choice of Investment

Aug. 03, 2018

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The REINFORCED CONCRETE MOBILE CRUSHER, is the machine specially for crushing various construction waste and solid waste into recycled aggregate again. Rapid urbanization has produced large amount of construction waste, which not only encroaches on limited land, also damages the look and pollute the environment of cities. To resolve the problems of low utilization rate of construction waste and high processing cost, Zhengzhou Dingsheng has developed crawler type and tire type reinforced concrete mobile crusher. The recycled aggregate can be used for many places in urban building, which achieves the purpose of turning waste into treasure. The equipment adopts Austrian advanced artificial intelligence technology, realizing full automation from equipment transferring to crushing, which saves labor cost and operation cost. Compared with same capacity equipment from other manufacturers, our machine has higher capacity and lower energy consumption; oil and electricity dual-power, flexible switching operation with lower cost; using dust-free system to reduce pollution from the source.

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The reinforced concrete mobile crusher has the following advantages:

1. Wear resistance: it owns complete set of supporting equipments and smooth process layout; special wear-resistant steel material is sturdy and durable, safe and reliable.

2. Mobility: it can be driven to the demolition site and the construction site. Working as long as the ground is basically flat.

3, Environmental protection: the unique environmental dust suppression device has fast speed and low noise, which can effectively control dust and pollution, suitable for operation in urban demolition and reconstruction area.

4. Economical: It has the advantages of small space occupying and low cost of land infrastructure.

5. Simplicity: The whole process adopts PLC intelligent controlling system, so the operation is simple and clear.

At present, this series reinforced concrete mobile crusher has been put into operation with good performance and remarkable economic benefits in many provinces and cities nationwide. It is the leader in the construction waste resource utilization project in various regions. Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit the site at any time! Hotline: +86-371-53738676



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