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The Track Mounted Stacker Conveyor Exporting to Georgia Successfully

Jan. 22, 2019

Track Mounted Stacker Conveyor

This week, there is a folding TRACK MOUNTED STACKER CONVEYOR delivered successfully at Zhengzhou Dingsheng for exporting to Georgia. Soon after, it will be used as a part of copper ore processing line.

Track Mounted Stacker Conveyor

This B1000 model track mounted stacker conveyor gets the length of 23 meters and weight of 30 tons around. It was customized by an Austrian client one month ago. He was in need of a movable two-in-one stacker and belt conveyor. After visiting our production base and headquarter, he was impressed with our strong technical force. It just took hours he discussing with our technologist to resolve the core problem before paying the deposit.

Track Mounted Stacker Conveyor

Although the track mounted stacker conveyor is heavy, it is easy to transfer for its folding characteristic. Besides, it has strong stability. The stacker at the end is always ready to receive material from the front belt conveyor. This design is convenient in the real production. When the processing speed over high or power suddenly shutting down, some material can be stored in the stacker until it gets normal, which can reduce the extra cost of other silo, and shorten the distance between two processing step, further control the scale of whole project to reduce the investment.

This track mounted stacker conveyor has high economic and social value. It makes it coming true to achieve continuity and automation of the production line, and greatly improve production efficiency. As a professional manufacturer of mining processing equipment, we accept customization and OEM, promise to provide best solutions and guidance covering all of the fields for our clients!

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