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The Necessity of Choosing "Big Gold Tooth" Wear-resistant Hammer

Apr. 16, 2018

The Necessity of Choosing "Big Gold Tooth" Wear-resistant Hammer

"BIG GOLDEN TOOTH" WEAR-RESISTANT HAMMER is one of the important wear-resistant parts for hammer crushers developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Dingsheng. Hammer crusher is the main crushing equipment being used in the infrastructure construction such as mines, building materials, electric power, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal and so on. Therefore, the "Big Golden Tooth" wear-resistant hammer has always been in large demand in the crusher accessories market at home and abroad.

During the crushing process, the high-speed rotation of the hammer causes severe impact and friction with the ore, which results in quick wear and scrapping of the hammer head, then a sharp drop in crushing efficiency and a significant increase in energy consumption, finally a huge loss of production cost. At the same time, frequent replacements of hammer head also greatly deteriorates the working conditions of workers and brings with it many production insecurity factors.

The "Big Golden Tooth" wear-resistant hammer has set a record of crushing 320 tons material and used for 17 months without replacement. Let's calculate such cost: If a hammer crusher with an ordinary hammer replaces for every 10 days, and 30 times a year. If 280 kilograms per pair, 8,500 yuan per ton, then 8.4 tons per year, and annual cost more than 70,000 yuan. While the use of "Big Golden Tooth" wear-resistant hammer needs replacement five times a year, 1.4 tons per year, 18,000 yuan per ton, the annual cost of 25,000 yuan, annually saving 46,000 yuan for the enterprise. If there are three devices, the company can save 130,000 yuan per year.

According to estimates by experts, the use of "Big Golden Tooth" wear-resistant hammer can save one-third of the cost per year compared to those of ordinary hammerheads. If clients are in a large number of purchases, we can give you a certain discount, and offer a certain amount for free. We promise 15 days delivery. Glad to receive your inquiry and purchasing order!

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