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The Best Choice of Limestone Crushing Equipment---Big Golden Tooth Hammers

May. 07, 2019

Big Golden Tooth Hammers

What is the BIG GOLDEN TOOTH HAMMERS? In short, it is an updated composite hammer with advanced composite wear resistant material. Why is it said the best choice for limestone crushing equipment? Because the big golden tooth hammers has an extremely high wear resistant ability and two or even three times the life of those conventional material crusher hammers.

It is known that in the more than ten years before the big golden tooth hammers, most of the crusher hammers used in China's cement industry were made of high manganese steel. Faced with the limestone with high silicon content and high strength, as well as some tough working conditions, the service life of high manganese steel hammers have to be shorten and working decreased. The service life of the hammer is related to the compressive strength of limestone. The higher the compressive strength, the shorter the hammers service life. In addition, the silicon content of limestone also has a great influence on hammers service life, since silicon has a strong abrasiveness on the hammerhead.

Big Golden Tooth Hammers

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment spare parts, Zhengzhou Dingsheng successfully developed patented spare part, big golden tooth hammers. The hard wear-resistant alloy rod or alloy block is embedded in the working part of the hammers, which greatly improves the wear resistant performance of hammers.

Choose the most suitable hammer to increase the efficiency of the crusher, save costs and avoid unnecessary waste. Welcome new and old customers to contact us for more about big golden tooth hammers!


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