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Several Common Problems and Solutions of Hydraulic Cone Crusher in Production

May. 26, 2020

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HYDRAULIC CONE CRUSHER is specially developed for secondary and tertiary crushing stages in aggregate production. It is very suitable for processing natural stone with high hardness and high abrasiveness. We need to operate and maintain the hydraulic cone crusher in accordance with the correct operation principle and method to improve the production efficiency, the quality of the finished product and further extend the its service life. Today, we would like to introduce several common problems and solutions in production of hydraulic cone crusher.

Adjust timely if there is any overload

When the machine is overloaded, the protection system at the drive motor will be activated, and the crusher will stop working, which means that the required power is insufficient. There is another way called "jump cone" to detect the overload. In this case, the fixed cone will vibrate at the supporting part of the main shaft.

If this problem occurs regularly without timely adjustment, the hydraulic cone crusher will be damaged permanently.

Solutions: The raw material needs to be pre crushed into smaller piece before feeding into the hydraulic cone crusher, and the fine materials should be screened out. Enlarge the outlet size, or increase the speed if the problem still cannot be solved.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Raw materials cannot be wet or sticky

Wet and sticky materials will cause the crushing chamber of the hydraulic cone crusher blocked and reduce the productivity of the equipment. In addition, as the amount of blocked material increases, the crushed material will become a lump, which will cause the whole production to be blocked.

Solution: Avoid damp and sticky materials, if necessary, remove sticky materials with the help of other pre-screening equipment. The clogged crushing chamber should be cleaned up.

Avoid fine material

It has been proved that feeding too much fine material to the hydraulic cone crusher will increase the pressure of the crushing vice and the wear of the crusher significantly. If the available drive power is exceeded, the crusher will automatically shut down. Fine materials will also result in the frequent occurrence of the cone jump, which will cause permanent damage to the machine.

Solution: In the upstream of the hydraulic cone crusher, add an independent screening equipment to effectively separate fine materials.

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