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How to Understand the Mobile Crushing and Screening Combination

Mar. 26, 2019

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It is the product that traditional crusher machine and vibrating screen arranged on one wheeled or tracked chassis, which just needs one traction device and one electric PLC control cabinet, truly realizing unity as one.

What are the benefits compared to fixed equipment?

Compared with traditional fixed equipment, the biggest advantage of the mobile crushing and screening combination is unlimited to the working site. It can be remotely operated for being transferred to the material stacking site, which brings the benefit for investors that it can save a lot of material transportation costs. In addition, the time and investment cost required for the construction of the previous plant can be saved, too. These are the main reasons why more and more investors choose mobile devices today.

In addition, the dual power package design of the oil-electric power that can be switched easily greatly eliminates the equipment’s dependence on single energy source, and the production efficiency is effectively improved.

Mobile Crushing and Screening Combination

What are the benefits compared to separated mobile equipment?

At present, there have been many types of mobile equipment on the market. Although they have the same advantages mentioned above, there are still some shortcomings. The basic crushing and screening processing steps require two moving chassis, each of which requires the traction. Besides, the space requirements are larger than the mobile crushing and screening combination. Obviously, the mobile crushing and screening combination is more convenient to transfer.

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