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Mobile Crusher Makes Construction Waste Fully Reused

Sep. 22, 2021

Construction waste has always existed. A complete set of fixed construction waste disposal equipment can also process it, but it is the MOBILE CRUSHER that really makes it fully reused.

01 High adaptability

The mobile crusher adopts all-steel crawler, which can walk well on the roads with high or low altitude and other complex working environment. Due to the small dimension, the mobile crusher can directly transfer to the site flexibly.

02 Safe and reliable

The mobile crusher has a motor with strong power, ensuring high crushing efficiency, safety and reliability.

03 Hybrid power system

The hybrid power system used by the mobile crusher can keep the equipment in normal and continuous operation even in the case of power failure or no power. It also has the characteristics of low noise and environmental protection.

04 The guaranteed quality

The mobile crusher can be equipped with different types of crushers and screening equipment with good quality according to the needs of users, to ensure the quality of final products.

The production of recycled aggregates and sand from construction waste has a broad development prospects. Raw materials is easy to obtain and low in cost, doing this business can also be supported by local government subsidies. Choosing suitable mobile crusher, working with mobile sand making and screening equipment together to produce aggregates and machine-made sand for various purposes, is a good way to turn waste into treasure.



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