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Large, Medium and Small Repair of Stone Jaw Crusher

Mar. 05, 2019

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The important components of the STONE JAW CRUSHER mainly include eccentric shafts, pulleys, toggle plates, fixed and movable jaw plates etc. Due to the tough working environment, the stone jaw crusher inevitably has various failures during operation. To prolong the service life and improve the performance of equipment, it is very important to do necessary maintenance regularly.

The maintenance of the stone jaw crusher is generally divided into three different levels, minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.

1, minor repair

The minor repair needs to inspect and repair the adjustment devices. For instance, make some adjustments to the outlet clearance of the stone jaw crusher; replace the worn liner; repair and replace the transmission components; clean some components of the stone jaw crusher; repaint the lubricant oil of the entire machine.

Generally speaking, the frequency of minor repairs is half a month to one month for once time according to the overall condition.

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2, medium repair

In addition to all those mentioned in minor repairs, the medium repair still includes the replacement of worn structures such as pull rods and liners, the inspections of turning, grinding and casting eccentric bushings, also some bearing bushes such as connecting rod bushings and power bushings.

The interval time of the medium repairs should also be determined according to the wear of the stone jaw crusher. Generally, once a year is enough to the stone jaw crusher.

3, overhaul

Covering all the items of the middle repair, the overhaul moreover includes the replacement of the eccentric shaft, the reinforced casting of the babbitt metal on the head of the connecting rod, and even the technological innovation of the entire stone jaw crusher.

There is no specific limits for overhaul frequency, just depending on the usual inspection .

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In the usual use of equipment, the correct combination of these maintenance can achieve the goal that prolong the service life of the stone jaw crusher successfully.

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