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A Great Collocation for Best Machine-made Sand—VSI Impact Crusher and YK Vibrating Screen(1)

Aug. 27, 2020

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Granular shape and grading are two important indicators to measure the quality of machine-made sand. Among the main sand making machines in the market, the VSI IMPACT CRUSHER has the best output granular shape.

Generally speaking, high quality machine-made sand is mostly cubic or similar to sphere, while inferior sand has many edges and corners and high needle-flake content, which will seriously affect the peaceability and compressive strength of concrete.

In addition to the material characteristics, the granular shape of machine-made sand also depends on the equipment. There are many types of sand making machines on the market, but according to the crushing principles, there are mainly two types: impacting and extruding.

The latter type such as roller crushers can only produce materials with many needles and flakes, which cannot meet the requirements of high-grade concrete. For ensuring the quality of finished products, the VSI impact crusher becomes the first choice.

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Common equipment adopting the impact crushing principle includes hammer crusher and VSI impact crusher. In terms of applicable materials, hammer crusher is mostly used for medium-hard materials, while VSI impact crusher is suitable for medium-hard, hard and brittle materials.

In order to meet the sand making needs of different users, the VSI impact crusher by DSMAC Group is equipped with two types of crushing chambers: "Stone-on-Stone" and "Stone-on-iron". "Stone-on-iron" has high crushing efficiency, and "Stone-on-Stone" has high quality products. Besides, the VSI impact crusher is of simple structure and convenient operation, maintenance and installation; low working noise, low dust pollution; light weight, diverse installation methods, and movable type is available.



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