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YM High Efficiency Sand Maker - the Best Solution for Building Mortar Sand

Jul. 30, 2019

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YM HIGH EFFICIENCY SAND MAKER is a professional equipment developed and produced by Zhengzhou Dingsheng for the production of dry mortar and manufactured sand. It features low power consumption, improved wear-resistant part and high productivity. The medium and fine sand content is high enough, ensuring product well matched to replace the natural river sand!

Recently, a YM high efficiency sand maker has been put into production successfully. The details are as follows:

Model: YM high efficiency sand maker

Raw material: Limestone

Feed size: ≤40mm

Final product granularity: 0.15-2.8mm

Capacity: 80-120 t/h

Product application: Dry mortar and ready-mixed mortar

Process: Raw material limestone under 40mm enters YM high efficiency sand maker, and then discharged into 3YK vibrating screen (screen mesh: 4.75mm, 2.8mm, 1mm); product uder 1mm enters the first class powder classifier to select fine sand under 0.15-1mm , and 0.15mm and 325 mesh material sent into the second-class process to select coarse and fine powder.

YM High Efficiency Sand Maker

YM high-efficiency sand maker adopts simple vertical structure, convenient to operate; low energy consumption, little dust; no sieve plate design overcomes the blockage problem; hammers adopt hinged structure which is easy to be replaced; hammers and liners are made of high-alloy wear-resistant material with high strength to promise longer service life.

YM High Efficiency Sand Maker

Three advantages of YM high efficiency sand maker:

1. easily produce variety of sand special for building mortar;

2. well-shaped sand particles, and the powder content can be controlled at will;

3. Ultra-low fine powder, low investing cost and low power consumption.

We are dedicated to provide customers with advanced equipment and superior service, considering for customers in all aspects to help them find the best solutions! Please feel free to contact us to visit YM high efficiency sand maker user case !



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