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  • Construction Waste Disposal
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Construction Waste Disposal

Raw materials: various construction waste,such as bricks, tiles, wasted concrete blocks, etc.

Production capacity: 30-1000t/h

Applications: Construction wasted material (such as bricks, tiles, waste concrete blocks, etc.) crushing

Delivery: 45-60 working days

Equipment Configuration of Construction Waste Disposal (Construction Waste Recycling Project)

Construction Waste Disposal

ZSW series vibrating feeder + DPF series crusher for construction waste + iron separator + hydraulic steel press + YK series circular vibrating screen;

DMP series mobile crushing plant + DMP series mobile screening plant

Corporate Strength of DSMAC

Construction Waste refers to the spoil, wasted material and other garbage generated in the process of construction units building, rebuilding, expanding and dismantling various types of constructions, structures, pipe network, etc., as well as the people decorating their houses. According to statistics, the existing amount of construction waste in our country has exceeded 2 billion tons and it is estimated that it will reach 5 billion tons by 2020.

Traditional disposal methods occupy land resources and pollute water, but also cause waste of many other resources.  

Construction Waste Disposal

What should we do to solve the problem caused by dismantled or abandoned construction wastes, and how to dispose the construction waste correctly? The construction waste resource utilization has become the only way to solve urban construction waste.

Construction Waste Disposal

The construction waste resource utilization is a comprehensive project. It asks to proceed from the aspects of system building, source control, technology research and concept change, to gradually establish a set of construction waste disposal system and technologies showing “minimization, reclamation, harmless and industrialization”, so that the resource utilization and industrialization of construction waste can be achieved. Only a closed construction waste recycling chain is formed, can the rebirth of construction waste be truly successfully.

DSMAC researches and produces Construction Waste Disposal Equipment, also build and operate Construction Waste Resource Utilization Projects, so we know more about not only what kind of construction waste processing equipment you need, but also your needs and confusion.

Construction Waste Disposal

Special Focus

After crushing, screening, iron removing and light material separating, the construction waste can be turned into recycled aggregate. What is recycled aggregate? What can it be used for?

※ Recycled aggregate

Recycled aggregate is the main product of construction waste resource utilization. It has good water permeability, and does not frozen or shrink with water; it has a large specific surface area and has no plasticity, widely used in road engineering areas such as road bed, subbase, base level and water-stable layer.

※ Recycled water permeable brick

Recycled permeable brick allows rainwater to quickly infiltrate into the ground to become groundwater, allowing groundwater resources to be replenished timely. So it is widely used in the construction of sponge cities.

※ Recycled concrete

Recycled concrete is made of the recycled aggregates from construction waste, replacing natural aggregates such as gravel, and then added cement and water.

※ Recycled ready-mixed mortar

Recycled ready-mixed mortar is a new type of environmentally-friendly green building material with superior performance and convenient operation. It can be used immediately after mixing and can avoid air pollution caused by on-site mixing.

※ Recycled small prefabricated components

Use recycled aggregate from construction waste as raw materials to produce various small-scale prefabricated components such as roadside stone (curbstone), ditch cover, subgrade cover, tunnel side ditch, and cover plate of urban roads.

Construction Waste Disposal

In a word, the recycled aggregate can replace the natural stone and gravel being used to make green building materials products, such as water permeable brick, recycled mortar, PC prefabricated part, road water-stable layer, dry-mixed mortar and RDF clean burning stick and so on. So as to turn construction waste into treasure, and finally achieve the ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and other multi-win-win goals.

Construction Waste Disposal


1. Mobile Complete Sets of Construction Waste Treatment Equipment 

Mobile construction waste treatment equipment includes TAF tracked mobile crushing plant, TAS tracked mobile screening plant, WAF wheeled mobile crushing plant, WAS wheeled mobile screening plant, TLF tracked light material combined separating vehicle, TBY tracked environment friendly dust suppression vehicles and other equipments. In the process of construction waste resource utilization, these devices perform their duties to complete the crushing, screening, light material removing, dust suppression and other processes to produce different types of finished aggregate.

Construction Waste Disposal      Construction Waste Disposal

2. Stationary Complete Sets of Construction Waste Treatment Equipment

Stationary Construction Waste Crushing Production Line requires a certain site to build factories for integrated management. It has complete system of production and living facilities, owning comprehensive management conditions for environmental protection, which can effectively control the production cost of recycled aggregate by construction waste, but it is more suitable for long-term operation, especially construction waste brick project with significant economic benefits.

Construction Waste Disposal       Construction Waste Disposal



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