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DPF Construction Waste Crusher

DPF Construction Waste Crusher

Raw materials: various construction waste,such as bricks, tiles, wasted concrete blocks, etc.

Capacity: 20-700t/h

Max feeding size: 1000mm

Application: Construction wasted material (such as bricks, tiles, waste concrete blocks, etc.) crushing

Delivery: 15-30 working days

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DPF Construction Waste Crusher

The DPF crusher for construction waste is a single-stage crusher, also a domestic dedicated crusher equipped with a rebar shearing device for construction waste. What it "eat" are bricks, concrete blocks and other construction waste, while it can "spit" out the recycled building aggregate alternative to natural gravel.

DPF crusher can cut the rebar in construction waste like scissors, which ensures that there is almost never happened that host downtime caused by the rotor being wrapped by steel bars.

DPF Construction Waste Crusher

1. Equipped with rebar-removing device, ensuring the host non-clogging;

2. Making three stages crushing as one stage, to simplify the process;

3. Fine final product discharged, less over-crushed material, and good shape granularity;

4. Semi-opened discharging system, suitable for crushing construction waste which contains steel;

5. There is groove for rebar in the liner plate of crusher adjusting area, so that the material mixed with steel can be pulled out and separated after passing these groove;

6. Small supporting power, low power consumption, saving energy and protecting environment;

7. Simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operation and low operating costs.


Rotor diameter (mm)800100012001400160018002000
Rotor length (mm)65010301290130017001560202020002200
Spindle speed (rpm)820757660475434406360325
Max feeding size (mm)≤300≤400≤500≤700≤850≤1000
Product size P80 (mm)D80≤20D80≤20D80≤30D80≤40
Inlet size (mm)570×6301050×7601320×7601330×9601990×9601520×11202050×12002180×13202440×1320
Power (kw)305590132160185250400560
Capacity (t/h)20-3535-6060-9090-145130-160165-220210-270280-450420-700
Weight (t)4812.62025.635.2426396

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