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Aggregate Impact Crusher Shipped to Shandong Customer Project Site


The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. Recently, the AGGREGATE IMPACT CRUSHER manufactured by DSMAC Group was arranged for delivery at the first time when the factory inspection completed, striving to arrive at the customer project site in Shandong Province as early as possible, and producing high-quality aggregate products to seize local market share. Our after-sales service team is also in place to ensure the subsequent installation and operation of the equipment.

The General Information of Project:

Processing capacity: 50-80 t/h

Processing raw material: limestone

Feeding size: 70mm

Final product size: 12mm

Usage of finished product: sold to commercial mixing stations as concrete raw materials

The purchaser of the aggregate impact crusher is a cement production company in Shandong. Based on the analysis and judgment of the market, the owner of this company thinks that the current sales performance of cement products is not ideal, and a single product system is not conducive to coping with increasingly complex market changes. Through searching and on-site inspections, he chose to cooperate with DSMAC and purchased this aggregate impact crusher to optimize the process of the existing cement production line through using intermediate products as raw materials to produce 12mm aggregates with large market demand while producing cement.

In the original production line, the output aggregate size from the DPC2022 hammer crusher is 70mm. After the optimization, a new belt will be added at the discharge position of the hammer crusher to convey its products into the new added aggregate impact crusher for crushing and leveling. The crushed products will enter a vibrating screen for separation. The aggregates with the size of 10-20mm are screened out, while those smaller than 10 mm and larger than 20 mm will be returned to the original line and enter the subsequent vertical milling through the belt conveyor to produce cement products. According to customer requirements, the output of impact crusher is 80 tons per hour, the discharged material after crushing should be ≤20mm (accounting for 55-60% of the feeding volume), and the yield rate of 10-20mm aggregates is 45-55%.

Aggregate Impact Crusher
Aggregate Impact Crusher
Aggregate Impact Crusher
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