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Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

DSMAC Group Rated As A "Little Giant" Firm Supported by Policy-based Export Credit Insurance


DSMAC Group, a mining and construction solid waste recycling machinery manufacturing and service provider located in Zhengzhou, China, was rated as one of the "little giant" firm supported by China's policy export credit insurance recently.

As a company with many years of exporting experience and strong strength, DSMAC Group focuses on the design, manufacture and sales of crushing equipment, screening equipment, sand making equipment and other products, which are widely used in mines, construction, roads, bridges and other fields. We have an excellent reputation in the field of construction machinery.

Being selected as one of the Key Support "Small Giant" Firms by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation is the recognition of the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises. It means a lot for DSMAC Group to win this honor. First of all, this is the recognition of the company's product quality and technological innovation, which proves that our company has a competitive advantage in the international market. Secondly, the key support of policy-based export credit insurance will provide a strong guarantee for enterprises to expand overseas markets, reduce the export risk, and also reduce the worries of overseas customers in the process of cooperating with our company. In addition, being rated as a "Little Giant" firm will further enhance the popularity and reputation of DSMAC Group in the industry, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our company.

DSMAC Group being selected as a "little giant" firm demonstrated its outstanding strength and competitive advantage in the exporting business. This honor not only provides important support for the development of the company, but also represents the rise of China's manufacturing industry and the improvement of its global influence. We will continue to provide better solutions for global customers, and contribute to the development of China's manufacturing industry.