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Mobile Roller Screening Plant Put into Operation in Beijing


Recently, a high-performance MOBILE ROLLER SCREENING PLANT developed and produced by Zhengzhou Dingsheng completed installation and commissioning, and was successfully put into operation at a construction waste processing project site in Beijing. It is understood that this is the second cooperation between this customer and Zhengzhou Dingsheng company after the purchase of the mobile crushing and screening combination plant last year, which fully proves the excellent effect and good service of our equipment.

Equipment type: Tyre type mobile roller screening plant

Raw materials: construction waste (including concrete blocks, bricks, steel bars, tiles, etc.)

Processing capacity: 500 tonnes per hour

Finished product usage: slag for backfilling roads, large pieces of solid waste crushed as recycled aggregate to make recycled bricks and other green building materials

The mobile roller screening plant is a multi-roller feeding and conveying equipment developed by Zhengzhou Dingsheng. Each roller rotates in the same direction, which can feed and screen the material. It has the advantages that the sieving holes are not easily blocked by sticky and wet material, and the feeding volume can be adjusted automatically according to the load of the crusher. The plant is suitable for feeding and pre-screening the muddy materials, increasing the productivity of the crushing system, and also reducing crusher losses.

The mobile roller screening plant can be used with Zhengzhou Dingsheng's mobile crushing and screening equipment together, to classify, crush and screen construction waste to produce diverse recycled aggregates whose purity and size is enough to be used to produce recycled bricks, recycled blocks, recycled mortar, recycled concrete and other building materials, providing new options for the local building materials market and truly realizing the healthy development of the regional economy in a green cycle.

Mobile Roller Screening Plant
Mobile Roller Screening Plant
Mobile Roller Screening Plant