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Mobile Ore Crushing and Screening Equipment Was Put into Operation


Good news! The MOBILE ORE CRUSHING SCREENING EQUIPMENT with the capacity of 1 million tons annually for phosphate rock designed, manufactured by DSMAC has been assembled at the project site in Sichuan and successfully put into operation, which marks a new breakthrough made by our company in the field of ore processing.

This project mainly focuses on processing of local phosphate ore, with a capacity of up to 220 t/h. After it is put into operation, it will become an important local ore processing base. The project has a set of WAF380 tire-type crushing station and WAS380 tire-type screening station developed and produced by DSMAC. The feed size is less than 400 mm, and the discharge particle size is divided into 0-5 mm and 5-50 mm to meet the needs of different demand of markets.

The mobile ore crushing screening equipment not only ensures efficient production capacity, but also saves labor, financial and time costs in terms of preliminary infrastructure construction and installation periods, reduces overall investment costs, and further facilitates customers to withdraw funds and create economic benefits. What is more, the price/performance ratio of tire type mobile equipment is higher compared with crawler mobile equipment.

Mobile ore crushing screening equipment is not only excellent in performance, but also an outstanding representative of environmentally friendly production lines. The successful operation of the project is a victory of technical strength, as well as a practice of efficient, flexible, intelligent and convenient production concepts. The successful completion of this project injected new vitality into the economic development of local aggregate market. We look forward to continuing to provide customers with more high-quality, high-efficiency solutions in the future and contributing more to the sustainable development of the industrial field!

mobile ore crushing screening equipment
mobile ore crushing screening equipment
mobile ore crushing screening equipment