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Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Stone Crusher Parts Manufacturer—DSMAC Group


In the mining industry, STONE CRUSHER PARTS are significant with no doubt. DSMAC has become a high-profile industry leader with its fifth-generation patented technology for various crusher parts. The superb technology and excellent quality of products make our company being widely recognized at home and abroad.

The remarkable product in our stone crusher parts is the hammer head for the hammer crusher. As one of the core components of the crushers, hammer head adopts advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials to ensure its excellent performance in high-intensity working environments. The original design concept and experienced technical team ensure the wear resistance and longevity of the hammer head, making it a highly popular choice in the market.

As for the spare parts of impact crusher, our company adopts an innovative technology in manufacturing blow bar, directly affects the crushing efficiency and stability of the entire machine. This generation blow bars not only strive for excellence in material selection, but also put great effort into structural design to ensure the stability and durability of the blow bars during high-speed operation.

The jaw plate of the jaw crusher is one of the important factors affecting the crushing particle size and production capacity. It uses advanced composite wear resistant material and inlay ceramic particles, to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the jaw plates, allowing it to better adapt to different crushing materials and ensure Ensure the efficient and stable operation of the jaw crusher under various working conditions.

In addition, the concave and mantle of the cone crusher is also a proud work of our company in the field of stone crusher parts. Using advanced manufacturing technology and special alloy materials, they not only has excellent compression resistance, but also maintains a stable working condition during high-speed operation, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the crusher.

Overall, our company have set a benchmark for the development of the crusher industry with its excellent technical strength and product quality in the field of stone crusher parts. The fifth generation of industry-leading patented crusher spare parts technology allows us to stand out in the fierce market competition and become the preferred partner trusted by customers.