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CDW&Hard Rock Two-in-One Modular Plant by DSMAC

Today we are going to introduce this CDW&HARD ROCK TWO-IN-ONE MODULAR PLANT is located in Taihu City, Anhui Province. As a supporting project for local infrastructure construction, the plant is mainly used to process construction waste and granite for sand making, with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons of c&d waste, and an annual output of 800,000 tons of sand, 400,000 tons of environmentally friendly bricks, and 800,000 tons of cement stabilizer. So far, the project has been put into operation for nearly 2 years with remarkable economic benefits.

The cdw&hard rock two-in-one modular plant is designed to produce 200-250 tons per hour, and the finished products include 0-3mm washed fine sand, 10-20mm and 20-30mm aggregate. The concept of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection runs through the whole process of project construction. The whole production line is equipped with a dust collection module, a powder collection module and a sewage treatment module, in which the sewage treatment module collects the sewage of the whole system, and then presses and filters it to achieve the recycling of sewage and the zero-discharge requirement, while the dust collection module and the powder collection module put an end to the dust problem of the production line, and strive to make the project a high-quality, low-pollution, environmentally friendly sand production plant.

The core equipment of the cdw&hard rock two-in-one modular plant for sand making from construction waste/hard rock adopts the complete set modular equipment by DSMAC which is equipped with advanced intelligent control system, including the coarse jaw crushing module, medium and fine cone crushing module, sand making and shaping module, screening and grading module, and sand washing and dewatering module, etc. Among them, the two joint processes of mechanism sand washing and fine sand collecting and dewatering ensure that the stone powder and mud content in the product are within the qualified range.
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