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Application: Suitable for recycling of renovation and decoration waste, construction waste
An almost blockage-free screening procedure, also with differing screening-materials
Optimal material loosening due to the cascaded layout combined with gate bars
Minimum effort for cleaning with a very good accessibility
High screening-performance from a maximum screen-area
Low operating costs and maximum machine availability
stronger relaxation force
blockage-free screening procedure
Double screening in one operation

The C&D waste screener from DSMAC integrates the advantages of banana screening, thick layer screening and probability screening aiming at the special needs of construction and decoration waste screening and sorting. Compared with the conventional screen, the C&D waste screener has stronger relaxation force. The unique stepped top deck design combined with the flexibility of the bottom screen makes double screening in one operation. Its processing capabilities and application flexibility make the machine the efficient screening solution for processing and recycling complex C&D waste.


The whole screening process divides into two stages: probabilistic stratification and screening, and thick layer screening.

In the first stage, the altitude difference of the screen meshes helps to carry out a forced stratification of the material as well as the preliminary sieving. In the process of material feeding, the step-arranged screen surfaces make the material being stratificated for the second time, which is conducive to reducing the difficulty of screening fine materials in the first stage, and helpful to rapidly transport large piece of material in the upper layer.

The second stage is material fine screening by decreasing the angle of the screen mesh. Thanks to the large enough angle of the screen surface in the first stage, there is enough flow rate in the next thick screening stage.

At the same time, compared with the traditional woven wire mesh screen panels without messy screen surface fixtures, the upper bar screen panels to a certain extent to reduce the plastic bags, cloth for the screening surface of the blockage, more conducive to the equipment screening operations.

The C&D waste screener from DSMAC is equipped with leading screening technology, offering you world-class screening quality and a maximum yield for recycling your materials. It is a perfect solution for the efficient screening and gives you great advantages for your recycling process.

C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
C&D waste screener
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