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How to Ensure the Normal Production of Quarry Crusher at Low Temperature?

It is December now, most of the Northern Hemisphere has entered winter. The lower temperature has some influence on the QUARRY CRUSHER, such as reducing the service life of equipment or making the oil and water in the crusher solidify, etc. Therefore, the operator had better do a thorough inspection and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the production line safe. So, how to ensure the normal production of the quarry crusher at the low temperature?

First, the quarry crusher cleaning
Through cleaning the surface of the diesel engine and chassis of equipment, you can find the broken and oil leakage parts, ready for the next repair and maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to use high pressure and high temperature water gun to flush the parts with high waterproof requirements, especially the electrical parts

Second, the selection and replacement of quarry crusher oil
1, the choice of fuel oil. Diesel oil is easy to wax at low temperature, and viscosity increases, also poor mobility and atomization, which affect the combustion result, reduce the power and economy of the equipment. It is recommended to use diesel oil with low freezing point.

2, the replacement of engine oil. Diesel engine should use low-temperature engine oil with a small viscosity of high-performance. This kind of oil not only is not easy to oxidation in high temperature, also will not leave sediment in the precision parts of diesel engine, can greatly extend the life of the diesel engine.

3、Replacement of lubricating oil and grease. For quarry crusher maintenance, the gear oil inside the transmission, splitter, differential and steering should be replaced with gear oil for the winter.

The above is about how to maintain and repair the quarry crusher in winter. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us, and we promise to reply you at first time!
Quarry Crusher
Quarry Crusher