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Portable Construction Waste Crusher Ready for Production

Yesterday, our after-sales team sent back the latest pictures and videos from a customer site in Shunyi District, Beijing. A PORTABLE CONSTRUCTION WASTE CRUSHER and portable screening station delivered here a few days before has been installed and tested successfully. Everything goes well and this line will put into operation soon later.

The designed productivity of this project is 300 tons per hour. It uses construction waste crushed aggregate as backfill material for ecological restoration, adopting a processing technology of crushing and screening + sorting, also equipped with dust suppression and reduction measures. The WAF portable construction waste crusher and WAS portable screening station constitute the main section of the project, and a sorting device is also equipped to ensure the quality of the finished aggregate. The dust suppression system of the portable construction waste crusher can effectively prevent the generation of dust to avoid environmental pollution. The AF impact crushing machine can crush construction waste into aggregates with appropriate size which would be sending out by screening station, to meet customers' multiple uses.

After the project is put into production, it will not only achieve the goal of recycling the local construction solid waste, and turning waste, such as construction semi-finished aggregates, into treasure, but also will further enhance the resource disposal capacity of the region.
Waste Crusher
Waste Crusher
Waste Crusher