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How to Do the Daily Maintenance of A Mobile Crushing Plant?

The performance of a MOBILE CRUSHING PLANT is determined by the configuration and product quality, while its service life is inseparable from the daily protection and maintenance. Today, we will introduce to you, from what aspects you should do to prolong the life of mobile crushing plant, so as to reduce the production cost.

The methods of daily maintenance of mobile crushing plant include:
1. Pay attention to the working condition
We should pay close attention to the daily working condition of the mobile crushing plant. If the equipment is abnormal in the running process, such as strange sound of gear rotation, bearing oil rising temperature, etc., it should be stopped immediately to find the problem and solve it in time.

2. Regular inspection of wear parts
The wearing parts of the mobile crushing plant are main parts which needs to be inspected regularly. Staff need to check these parts situation in daily maintenance, replacing them as long as they are worn to some degree. In addition, for the newly installed equipment, the wheel hoop also needs to be cared and ensured that there is no loose situation.

3. Lubrication work should be in place
The bearings and gears of the mobile crushing plant, which need continuous operation, are easily worn out in daily working, so we need to do a good job of lubrication on them, which can not only prolong the service life of crusher parts, but also effectively improve the operation efficiency of mobile crushing plant. In addition, when doing lubrication for them, we should pay attention to the sealing and cleaning treatment of the equipment for a better lubrication effect.

Mobile crushing plant is more and more favored by investors because of its flexibility and mobility, which can not only save a lot of infrastructure costs, but also directly crush the materials on site, thus reducing transportation costs. Therefore, mobile crushing plant has become the popular crushing equipment. If you want to maximize the advantages of the mobile crushing plant, you had better do a good job of daily maintenance.
Mobile Crushing Plant
Mobile Crushing Plant