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DPX Series Single-stage Fine Crusher Ready for the Road to Shaanxi

Recently, the DPX SERIES SINGLE-STAGE FINE CRUSHER and related ancillary equipment by DSMAC have been loaded up in the production base of DSMAC, ready for the road to the customer project site in Shaanxi. After putting into production, it can help customer effectively achieve the corporate development goals of energy saving and consumption reduction, and also provide a positive reference for the green and sustainable development of the local building materials industry.

This customer is a large-scale local key processing company in the recycling development and extension industrial chain of non-metallic new material industry. Crushing and grinding are an important process in the company's production line. After investigation and comparison, customer finally chose to cooperate with Zhengzhou Dingsheng, which has been engaged in the crushing and environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, to expand production capacity and improve the operational capabilities by purchasing a low-energy, high-efficiency crushing equipment - DPX series single-stage fine crusher.

The DPX series single-stage fine crusher is developed on the basis of a single-stage (impact) hammer crusher, further simplifying the crushing operation process to adapt to basic industrial raw materials such as limestone, gypsum, and raw coal etc. It has the remarkable characteristics of large feed size, small output size, long hammer life, large production capacity, low power consumption, easy maintenance and low operating cost. Compared with the ordinary single-stage hammer crusher, the product particle size of this machine is smaller (80%<5mm), the investment is 35-50% lower than that of the same scale, and the long-term operation management cost is 30% lower. The DPX series single-stage fine crusher has been widely used in cement, sand and gravel, electric power and other industries.

If you have the same production needs, welcome to consult our online or send an email to us to learn more about the DPX series single-stage fine crusher.
DPX Series Single-stage Fine Crusher
DPX Series Single-stage Fine Crusher