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Cement Production Line Spare Part: The Crusher Hammer


When it comes to the CEMENT PRODUCTION LINE SPARE PART, the first thing we think of is the crusher hammer. The quality of the hammer is directly related to the working efficiency of the crusher and the maintenance cost of the entire production line.

As one of the most important crusher spare parts, the traditional hammer made of high manganese steel is liable to severe wear and tear when dealing with highly abrasive limestone or other high hardness materials, so that its service life will be greatly shortened, resulting in frequent shutdowns of the entire cement production line. High costs of crusher hammer replacement and maintenance make many customers helpless. In response to this problem, DSMAC Group was dedicated to develop and test repeatedly, and finally successfully produced the AMC (high manganese/tungsten-titanium alloy composite material) hammer with the trade name "Big Golden Teeth" hammer. This hammer is a high wear-resistant hammer head developed by DSMAC, specially solving the problem of the crusher hammer short life caused by the high SiO2 content in limestone or the large crystal size difficult to break. Its life is more than 1 times longer than the ZGMn18Cr2 hammer head, and can adapt to work under severe abrasive wear conditions. Now it has been widely used for crushing hard, high SiO2, and strong abrasive limestone. It is the best choice for a common cement production line spare part.

The “Big Golden Tooth” hammer head is the first to adopt out-of-furnace refining and integral pressure casting technology in China. The molten steel is purer, the matrix is denser, the life of the hammer head of the crusher is longer, and the use is safer and more reliable. It has won “the Best Hammer prize”, “the Best Price Award”, and “Science and Technology Progress Award” as long as its launch to market. As a widely applied cement production line spare part, the quality of hammer head is directly related to the profitability of the entire production line. At present, more than half of the cement plants in the country are using the this patented hammer developed and manufactured by our company such as Huaxin Cement, Yadong Cement, Tianrui Cement, Shanshui Cement, Zoomlion Cement and other large cement enterprises etc.

As the supplier of many domestic cement production line spare part, DSMAC Group has been focusing on the research and development and production of crusher hammers since its establishment in 1997. So far, we have had more than 25 years of experience in casting and production of cement production line spare part. Owning the modern casting factory, we have the ability to produce wear-resistant castings with a unit weight of less than 10 tons. In addition, we support customized services for drawing processing, OEM services, etc.

Cement Production Line Spare Part
Cement Production Line Spare Part
Cement Production Line Spare Part