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Xinjiang Customer Purchased A Wheeled Mobile Crusher Screen Plant for Processing Construction Waste


Recently, a customer from Xinjiang successfully signed a purchase contract for a WHEELED MOBILE CRUSHER SCREEN PLANT, which is used for processing local construction waste to produce high-quality recycled aggregates. With this cooperation, our equipment will work in the Aksu region, a place which has long been known for its “south-China-type scenery”, and help local construction solid waste resource disposal business to achieve step-by-step development.

Raw material: Construction waste

Processing capacity: 80-120 t/h

Equipment configuration: WLF wheeled mobile crush screen plant

Finished product application: Recycled aggregate for resale

Aksu is located in the northwestern inland area of China, with dry climate and scarce precipitation throughout the year, especially in the spring, there are a lot of dusty and sandy days. In recent years, more and more construction wastes appear and accumulate with the process of local urbanization. They not only occupy a lot of land resources, but also exacerbate the environmental problems. Moreover, the practice of recycling construction waste and turning waste into treasure has been successfully promoted throughout the country in recent years, and the effect of resource transformation is obvious to all, which makes the customer even more determined in their own ideas.

Our customer found us through the Internet since our company has rich experience in the construction waste disposal equipment manufacturing and service supplying. After telephone communication and visiting project site in person, our engineers recommended the WLF wheeled mobile crusher screen plant for the customer because of its flexible transfer, simple installation, and hybrid power, also considering that the mobile equipment can crush on-site, decreasing the cost of material transfer and the impact on the environment.

The wheeled mobile crusher screen plant has advantages of large output, high productivity, convenient movement, short production cycle, and can quickly recover costs. It owns compact structure, simplify the process; able to provide a more flexible process configuration in future according to the material types, product requirements, to meet the customers specific requirements.

Wheeled Mobile Crusher Screen Plant
Wheeled Mobile Crusher Screen Plant
Wheeled Mobile Crusher Screen Plant
Wheeled Mobile Crusher Screen Plant