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What Advantages Does Mobile Cone Crushing Station Have ?


Today let’s get to know the MOBILE CONE CRUSHING STATION.

DSMAC’s mobile cone crushing station has two chassis types: tire type and crawler type. The equipment equipped with single-cylinder and multi-cylinder cone crushers is suitable for different process plans. Matched with other crushing and screening stations, it can handle various raw materials and produce high-quality aggregates that meet customer needs and market standards.

The mobile cone crushing station is innovatively designed and developed after introducing international hydraulic cone crushing technology and being based on domestic production needs. Its strong power and large crushing ratio can meet the needs of various working conditions. The equipment adopts automatic frequency conversion feeding, which is able to adjust the feeding speed according to the host load. The overload protection function can effectively improve production efficiency. The variable frequency starting design will greatly reduce the starting current and has a protection function against motor overload.

The mobile cone crushing station adopts a hybrid driving mode of oil and electricity. It can be used with an external power supply or directly driven by diesel power generation, solving the dilemma of the power supply not being able to be connected to the site. Compared with traditional fixed crushers, the mobile chassis design is easy to transport and transfer. It is not only suitable for driving on ordinary roads, but also on rugged mountain roads, and can easily cope with various harsh working conditions.

In addition, all parts of the main machine can be disassembled, assembled and maintained from the top or side. It is more convenient to replace the fixed cone and moving cone and repair the equipment, effectively shortening downtime and maintenance time.

mobile cone crushing station
mobile cone crushing station
mobile cone crushing station