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Comparison Between Mobile and Fixed Quarry Production Line


QUARRY PRODUCTION LINE can be used to process all types of rocks and ores into high quality aggregates for multiple applications in many fields of infrastructure and urban construction. The technology of traditional stationary quarry production line is mature enough. With the development of mining equipment manufacturing technology, mobile type quarry production line is getting more and more popular. So, what are the advantages of both mobile and stationary quarry production line?

Stationary quarry production line is a complete set of processing line in which each machine is installed on the ground and cannot be moved again, which requires construction of foundation, silos, steel frame plant etc. in the early stage. The general investment is larger.


① Conventional and mature process;

② Equipment selection can be less limited in terms of capacity;


① Requirement of large area has limit in the selection of project site;

② Large investment and long period of foundation construction, more uncontrollable factors;

③ High labor cost caused by requirement of multiple operators;

④ Long process and many equipment make it difficult to manage;

⑤ After the project is finished, the whole quarry production line cannot be reused.

The mobile type quarry production line is of compact structure, easy to assemble and in no need of building plant, especially suitable for projects with complicated terrain. High mobility makes it quick transferring to another place for further use. In a word, it is more economical and applicable.


① The mobile quarry production line is easy to assemble on site;

② Small space occupation is suitable for all kinds of narrow and special terrain;

③ No need for civil engineering and plant;

④ The hybrid power of diesel and electricity is suitable for field operation;

⑤ Crawler chassis can walk on its own with flexible movement,;

⑥ Less operators requirement saves labor cost;

⑦ Widely used to crush various ores, building rubble, construction waste etc.


① To configure a mobile quarry production line with large capacity, the total investment will be relatively large.

② If there are more than one quarrying place, maybe it need much more mobile equipment to work at the same time.

The above is a comparison of the stationary and mobile quarry production line. Customers can make choice according to their own budget and project situation after comprehensive analysis of various factors. Welcome to consult online or leave a message to us for more details.

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