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What Are the Advantages of Mobile Screening Plant?


Screening is an important process of the mining production line, which can sieve out the impurities in the material to get not more than 4 different size finished material. The traditional fixed production line generally adopts the vibrating screen which is limited by the complex layout and low efficiency. With the development of manufacturing industry, MOBILE SCREENING PLANT is getting more and more popular. No matter how the project place changes, this equipment can quickly move, taking a short time to reach the site, and matching with other equipment flexibly to work.

WAS series wheeled mobile screening plant and TAS series tracked mobile screening plant are the highly respected compared with other similar products in the market, fully satisfying the production needs of small, medium and large output specifications. Its compact structure is especially suitable for users with high mobility requirements; the excellent screening efficiency meets the different needs of various industries such as aggregate, coal and construction waste recycling etc.

Advantages of mobile screening plant:

1、Flexible and convenient to move

It can work on the front of the production line, and just begin to work quickly when it gets to the site in no need of building a foundation.

2、Multiple configuration options

The mobile screening plant can be used to match the fixed production line, also the mobile production line; can be used individually, also work with other equipment together.

3、Good grading effect

The multi-layer screen and adjustable angle ensure the best grading effect of mobile screening plant. We can get high-quality finished aggregates with multiple sizes at one time.

4、High degree of intelligence

PLC control system can adjust to control of the operation intelligently, safe, fast and accurate. It is more reliable compared with manual debugging.

mobile screening plant
mobile screening plant
mobile screening plant