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How to Choose A Suitable Sand Washing Machine?


In order to produce high quality mechanism sand and meet the increasing market demand, the SAND WASHING MACHINE is essential for a sand and gravel production line. There are two kinds of sand washing machines in the market: spiral sand washing machine and bucket sand washing machine. What are the differences of between them and how to choose a suitable one?

1 Working principle

When the spiral sand washing machine works, it needs to be arranged at an inclination, stirring the sand and gravel through the spiral device in the equipment. The water and impurities in the sand and gravel are discharged from the outlet, and the sand and gravel could be screened out under the action of the spiral device and then discharged from the outlet, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning and screening. This type of sand washing machine has three functions of cleaning, dewatering and grading.

The wheel sand washer is driven by the motor through the triangle belt, reducer, gear deceleration and then drives the impeller to rotate slowly. The sand and gravel rolls and grinds under the action of impeller, thus removing the impurities on the surface of the gravel, destroying the water vapor layer covering the gravel. Add water to form a strong water flow, take impurities and tiny objects away, and discharge from the outlet to achieve the cleaning effect.

2 Appearance structure

In terms of the appearance structure, the spiral sand washing machine has a long body and adopts horizontal structure design. It does not need a screen, so there is no problem of screen wear in the work, and the service life will be longer.

Wheel type sand washing machine has a simpler structure and less wearing parts, occupying a smaller area, and the driving part of impeller is isolated from water and materials, which can reduce the equipment failure rate.

3 Washing capacity

The spiral sand washing machine has a larger capacity, higher efficiency and high washability. It can clean the sand and gravel with heavy mud, especially suitable for materials whose mud content is greater than 15%, generally configured in large sand production line.

The processing capacity of wheel sand washing machine is relatively small, so is the sand loss in the cleaning process. It needs less water in working, suitable for materials with mud content less than 15%, generally applicable to small and medium scale sand production line.

The above is the main difference between wheel and spiral sand washing machine. If you want to know more details and prices, please feel free to contact us! You can also customize one according to your own needs.

Sand Washing Machine
Sand Washing Machine
Sand Washing Machine