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DSMAC Signed Wheeled Mobile Crushing Screening Station Contract with Palau Customers


Several days before, DSMAC has successfully signed the contract of WHEELED MOBILE CRUSHING SCREENING STATION for a limestone crushing project with a customer from Palau. According to the contract, our company will provide customers with a comprehensive mobile solution to help him build a limestone crushing production line with a high standard.

According to the material characteristics and specific needs of customer, we recommend a set of wheeled mobile crushing screening station for him, including WAF380 wheeled crushing station and WAS380 wheeled screening station, which can effectively process limestone raw materials. Considering that the maximum diameter of limestone is 400mm, and the finished product size requirements cover 0mm-5mm, 5mm-9.5mm, 9.5mm-19.05mm and 19.05mm-25.4mm, we provide customers with optimally designed equipment which can produce uniform and good-shaped finished products at the same time.

We also asked the third-party inspection agency SGS to audit our factory strength and qualification. And we are very proud to announce that our factory has been approved and audited by SGS, which proves our excellence in production capacity and quality management.

The wheeled mobile crushing screening station has many advantages, including high output and high production efficiency. It can quickly recover the cost, and has the characteristics of a large crushing ratio, which simplifies the three-stage crushing to one-stage crushing, thus simplifying the process flow. In addition, the equipment can also provide more flexible process configurations according to customers' different requirements for material types and products.

We are confident that the wheeled mobile crushing screening station will provide customers with excellent performance and reliable operation. We look forward to working with customers to create a high standard limestone crushing production line.

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