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C&D Waste Recycling Equipment Makes Construction Waste Recycled

With the development of infrastructure construction in China, a large amount of construction waste is generated in demolition projects. The disposal methods of landfill and stockpiling not only occupy a lot of land, but also cause serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, the coming out of various C&D WASTE RECYCLING EQUIPMENT has successfully solved the problems brought by these urban metabolites.

After being processed by series of C&D waste recycling equipment, construction and demolition waste can be reused as recycled resource in the following ways.

First, after the basic cleaning, recyclable steel and wood of construction waste can be separated, and then bricks and waste concrete blocks can be crushed into aggregate with certain particle size. After removing impurities, it can completely replace ordinary sand and gravel as building material for road base.

Second, through the brick making machine, the recycled aggregate made by waste bricks and tiles, can be produced into recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials products, widely used in sidewalks, slow lanes, open squares, gardens, slope protection, foundation protection, highways and overpasses etc.

Thirdly, the waste soil can be used for road construction, pile filler, foundation base, etc.

Fourth, as for the waste wood separated by C&D waste recycling equipment, the intact ones can be used directly for building, and the damaged ones can be used as raw materials for wood recycled panels or paper making, etc.

Fifth, waste road asphalt mixture can be used directly for recycled asphalt concrete in the appropriate proportion.

Sixth, waste road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregates through C&D waste recycling equipment and used to formulate recycled concrete.

Seventh, waste steel, scrap steel and other scrap metal materials can be directly packed for sale.

The above are several new uses that C&D waste recycling equipment can find for construction solid waste, which greatly promotes the development of urban circular economy. As a designer and manufacturer of C&D waste recycling equipment, DSMAC has rich experience and advanced technology, welcome new and old customers to consult !
C&D Waste Recycling Equipment
C&D Waste Recycling Equipment
C&D Waste Recycling Equipment